About Lisa

Nature in my heart. Fire in my soul. Creation in my blood.

My posts say quite a lot about who I am. But as I am just beginning to write in English, and if you want a sneak peak in to my mind, this is a little about me.

When I tell my husband ”Hey, I though about one thing” he sais rapidly, ”I doubt you thought about ONE thing”. And that sums me up quite well.

I guess I am a lot. For better and for worse. If I get an idea, I have a hard time letting it go, which leads to a lot of crazy – and amazing – adventures! I go all in, which makes me tending to burn out fast – but gives me a lot of passion and joy while it lasts. I am a person with a lot of empathy and emotions, which can be extremely heavy in today’s harsh and cold society – but maybe that makes it all the more important. I am impassioned about sustainable living, for the environment as well as the people – which leads to an active life with more quality time with family. And another thing that is very important to me is movement, and creation.

Well, that was a little about me. I hope to inspire you to following your heart, and builing a sustainable active life that works for you!